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PV System

At H.B. Fuller, we have the premier materials used for reliable sealing of the main roof structure to prevent water permeation during residential and utility PV roof installation.

Our PV system installation sealant & adhesive products include the TONSAN 1523, 1581, and MS1937. These PV system installation products are non-corrosive, offer reliable bonding, have high mechanical properties, and are UV resistant.

Specifically, the 1523 adhesive for back rail bonding offers durable and reliable bonding, the 1581 silicone adhesive offers durable and reliable sealing, and the MS 1937 modified silicone sealant can cure at room temperature and has reliable bonding with a variety of building materials, including asphalt roofing shingle, cement, marble, aluminum, galvanized steel, and carbon steel.

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