Telecommunications and Connectivity Solutions

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Solutions for the Telecom Industry

At H.B. Fuller, we supply innovative solutions to the energy, infrastructure and telecommunications industries with safer, more durable products. Our line of products includes re-enterable and permanent encapsulants, duct sealing foams, corrosion protection coatings, insulation and protection mastics for splice kits, extruded profiles and components, thumb putties, hot melts, adhesives, and many more related products. 
We have products for every telecom and connectivity solution. We are committed to extending the performance boundaries of these technologies and to developing innovative products that cost-efficient options, and high value-in-use adhesives, sealants and tapes.  Our research and development team in dedicated technical centers can modify and develop custom formulations and products to meet your specific needs.


Rubber-based Butyl

  • For use in splice kits, termination kits
  • Tapes and patches in a variety of custom sizes
  • A variety of formulas for different applications 

- Tapes for use in splice kits

- Stress patches for termination kits 

- Tapes used as a gasket for splice closures

- Cured rubber backed with adhesive tape for splice wrap

- Extruded profile components for splice reinforcement

- Extruded profiles for gap filling in splices 

Thumb Putty

  • Protect against the elements and insects 

Hot Melt Adhesives

  • Adhere/Seal sleeve to pipe or adhere/seal backing to cable
  • A variety of customizable formulas for different applications 

Potting Compounds 

  • Seal and protect from shock and vibration
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